Picking up the shipment - according to the agreement we pick up the shipment at the address stated by the customer.

Packing - packing the shipment depends on type of goods and also on mode of transport. There are several ways how to pack the goods: into carton box, into wooden box or using palette. To reach a maximum safety we use paper cotton wool, bubble wrap, polyurethane moulding foam or other protective materials.

Custom clearance - we provide the custom clearance in our country in form of indirect depute.

Insurance - we have an contract with the Czech Insurance Company and the shipment is insured for the whole time of transport.

Shipping - you can choose between surface mail or air mail, air cargo, truck transport and see freight or we can support you suitable mode of shipping considering the type of shipped items and destination.

In case of other questions you can contact us on tel. No.: +420 220805503 or via e-mail

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