SPEDIA, s.r.o. - shipping & forwarding service

SPEDIA company was established in 1991. Since then a stable increase of customers and number of consignments has been maintained each year. Our customers are mainly turists from the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries all over the world who have come to visit Czech Republic. Among the most important companies co-operating with Spedia, s.r.o. are the Czech Ministery of Defense, Czech Ministery for Foreign Affairs, DHL, UPS, RGW Express, etc., RYOR Cosmetics Ltd., many galleries, antique shops etc.

Thanks to an experienced and reliable team we can secure a service of high quality for our clients. Our complete services include an appropriate packing of the merchandise which is to be sent, customs clearance and all other necessary paperwork within the Czech Republic and the transport to the destination. We have many years of experience with packing and shipping crystal, chandeliers, porcelain and also art and antique items.

The consignments are delivered using the local system of postal services in each country to the address of consignee or a customs office. Further, air cargo transportation, truck or sea transportation can be provided. In addition, we are able to arrange other modes of tranport in accordance with wishes of our clients or recommend another alternative, most appropriate considering the nature of the merchandise.

In case of any damage an information leaflet is enclosed in every parcel with a detailed explanation how to proceed further. Settling the claim is as prompt as possible. A replacement is obtained most of the times. Alternatively, the customer is reimbursed.

We are looking forward to your orders. Our main reward will be your satisfaction.

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